edit init_clocks.pl1, removing last_reasonable date check

generate new MST.

boot new MST in standard mode

rebind and install bind_fnp as per MR12.3 install instructions.

fo Daemon.pmf
print_pdt Daemon.pdt -pmf
fo SysDaemon.pmf
print_pdt SysDaemon -pmf

edit Daemon, SysDaemon, SysEng.pmf, Terminals.pmf, Operator.pmf in >udd>sa>a, adding 'Cutoff: open;'

for each, "cv_pmf SysEng" and "install SysEng.pdt"

release console, wait for them to install

M-> cwd >udd>sa>a

r 06:47 0.046 0 level 2

M-> ec master edit_proj SysEng cutoff open

print_sat >sc1>sat SysEng

/* days_to_cutoff: 1883; */

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