SVE is the Serenity Valley Engineering Public Access Multics system.

To get an account, e-mail moc.liamg|orp.xinu.selrahc#moc.liamg|orp.xinu.selrahc with your preferred ID and level of access (user, developer, administrator, ?).

To access the system:

Telnet to,  port 6180 ("telnet 6180")
SSH to gro.sndkcud.scitlum-evs|evs#gro.sndkcud.scitlum-evs|evs,  port 6181, password sve ("ssh -p 6181 gro.sndkcud.scitlum-evs|evs#gro.sndkcud.scitlum-evs|evs")

Some Telnet clients work better if 'CRLF' is turned off.

You should see a HSLA line selector prompt like:

HSLA Port (d.h002,d.h003,d.h006)?

Enter one of the listed line names (eg "d.h002").

You should then see the Multics logon banner:

Multics MR12.6: Serenity Valley Engineering (Channel d.h002)
Load = 11.0 out of 90.0 units: users = 11, 03/08/16 1656.4 pst Tue

To logon as a guest, type:

> e Guest

You should then see:

You are protected from preemption until 16:57.
Anonymous user Guest.Guest logged in 03/08/16 1657.7 pst Tue from ASCII termin
\cal "none".
New messages in message_of_the_day:
Welcome to the Multics System.
ECOs up to fb1cbdf4 installed; echo negotiation should now work.
print_motd: Entry not found. Attempting to update message-of-the-day informatio
\cn in default value segment.
r 16:57 0.835 22

The Guest account will run most commands, but is unable to write or save data.

Introduction to Multics:


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