Release 2.0

Release 2.0

This release is possible due to the efforts of many collaborators and contributors, testers and stressors, users old and new.


  • Increased stability
  • Increased performance
  • Improved operator console scripting
  • Improved operator console functionality
  • GTSS fixed
  • Improved FNP networking controls
  • Devices.txt file eliminated
  • All disks type supported
  • Optional support for multiple simulated CPUs


Detailed release notes

  • The format of the .ini files has changed, some minor changes may be needed.
  • The following error messages can safely be ignored:
(seen during Multics boot)
bce (boot) 1744.5: M-> [auto-input] yes

bce: Unrecognizable request.  Type lr for a list of requests.

Getting started

The emulator


Getting Started
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