Release 1.0

Release 1.0


  • FNP emulation rewrite
  • APU Rewrite
  • IMFT support
  • A multitude of bug fixes


  • This release of the emulator should be compatible with all Multics releases, but has only been tested against MR12.6e and MR12.6f Beta.
  • The format of the .ini files has changed, and are, in general, incompatible:
    • The line 'attach MUX -am 6180' is no longer needed. To change the port number from the default 6180,use 'fnpserverport <n>'.
    • The 'cable' commands no longer need to be specified; the emulator has default cabling. To remove the default cabling use 'cable ripout'.
    • All of the usual 'set' lines have been replaced by setting the default values correctly.
    • Some of the 'set' commands have been deprecated.
  • The following error messages man safely be ignored:
(seen after the 'shut' command)
DBG(974495966674)> ERR ERR: Need status register data format
DBG(974495966722)> ERR ERR: doPayloadChan expected IDCW 10 (12)
(seen during emulator startup on Windows)
error: sys_cable: invalid switch name <absi>
Unknown command: cable absi,0,0,032,0
(seen during Multics boot)
bce (boot) 1744.5: M-> [auto-input] yes

bce: Unrecognizable request.  Type lr for a list of requests.

Bug list: release-1-0-bug-list

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