rc8a bug list

rc8a bug list

MIT tape test — pass

cpu_test — pass

et test — pass

bce — typing unrecognized command crashes BCE — fixed

'bcd'/'shut' command — Fixed in 355af5b73de on rc8a.

history CR bug — pass

isolts — fails in tps760 index mod. r,ir,ri test 16 'lda 2,ic*'

emacs — fixed in 8eded2d

XXX Running emacs gets:
XXX emacs Repair.history
XXX Error: Illegal machine operation by lisp.array.!BBBKLJjwWZPzKg|22052 (in process dir)
XXX Current instruction is:
XXX 22052 000315410043 …. 315,its
XXX r 16:41 0.225 198 level 2

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