CAC 2017-04-29

GTSS debug

gse -modes drl,ss
r 10:08 0.013 0

gse -print

Current GCOS environment values:
     -modes ast,drl,^gdb,^mcmd,^mquit,ss
     -directory_mapping not_set
r 10:08 0.028 0

GTSS 4JS3 (4.0)
Subsystem cmdl
Derail PASUST  at    147
Derail FILACT  at   2007
Derail RETURN  at   1177
*10 print "MRUD"
Subsystem bsed
Derail DEFIL   at    150
Derail DIO     at    157
Derail SETSWH  at    167
Derail TERMTP  at    202
Derail DEFIL   at    211
Derail KIN     at    230
Derail PASUST  at    311

Error:  no_write_permission condition by !BBBKLNjZMCBMXX.temp.0325|326 (in process dir)
referencing >system_library_unbundled>gtss_fast_library_>0|2540
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