CAC 2015-11-23


So SIMH is constantly trying to estimate the speed of the emulated CPU; this estimate is used to try to predict how many emulated CPU cycles are need to allow 1/50 of a second to elapse.

Below is a plot; the X axis is SIMH time, a data point for each time SIMH thinks 1/50th of a second has elapsed. The Y is the number of CPU cycles that SIMH thinks need to execute to do 1/50th of a second wall clock processing.

Not that the Y axis is logarithmic.


More data, linear Y axis

$ grep 'new sim' < csi.log | awk '{print NR " " $3}' | gnuplot -e "plot '-' with lines lt -1 " -p
$ grep 'new sim' < csi.log | awk '{print NR " " $3}' | gnuplot -e "set logscale y;plot '-' with lines lt -1 " -p
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