CAC 2012-12-11

istart crash

DBG(231253)> CPU TRACE: 55535:156400 STZ 400,1
DBG(231253)> CPU CAF: CAF entry: I 0 T 1 D 400
DBG(231253)> CPU REG: rX1 RD 077400
DBG(231253)> CPU CAF: after getT            ct 0 wt 77400
DBG(231253)> CPU CAF: w6 00000
DBG(231253)> CPU DEBUG: addAddr32 wx 77400 cx 0 wy 00000 cy 4
DBG(231253)> CPU DEBUG: addAddr32 w 77400
DBG(231253)> CPU DEBUG: addAddr32 c 7
fault 00445 : addAddr32(): illegal charAddr
001 101 110 100 000 000
I 0
T 1
OP 56
D 400

Bug in the CAF code.

The timers

          rem       ***********************************************************
          rem       * check if timer is enabled and running
          rem       ***********************************************************
          lda       a.u009-*,*          (etmb) get current value of elapsed timer
          ldq       l.v002-*  (=1000) get two millisecond counter
          iaq       -1        wait two milliseconds
          tnz       -1
          cmpa      a.u009-*,*          (etmb) check and see if timer changed
          tnz       itl230-*  yes-ok
          tra       1,*       no. error...timer not enabled
          ind       stop02

l.v002    dec       1000      two milliseconds in inst xec time

Simple CPU instructions take 1 us. Assuming Nyquist sampling above, the elapsed timer runs at 1 ms.

          rem       ***********************************************************
          rem       * check to make sure interval timer switch is set
          rem       * to click every msec and not every 64th of a msec
          rem       ***********************************************************
itl230    null
          ila       2         set timer to go off in 2 msec
          ldq       itl250-*  ..
          tsy       a.v018-*,*          (setclk)
          ldq       l.v001-*  (=250) get half millisecond counter
          iaq       -1        wait half millisecond
          tnz       -1        ..
          stz       itl250-*  if we finished counting, timer is set to click
          rem                 every msec. set flag and wait for timer to go off
itl240    ind       stop12
itl250    ind       *+1       addr of place to go on timer interrupt
          ind       **
          szn       itl250-*  did we finish counting above?
          tnz       itl240-*,*          no - timer sw is wrong - inform cs

The interval timer is programmable, but MCS expects 1 ms.

* setclk -- set interval timer
* rstclk -- reset interval timer
* entry -- setclk
*         lda     (number milliseconds)
*         ldq     (return address on runout)
*         tsy     setclk-*
* entry -- rstclk
*         tsy     rstclk-*
setclk    ind       **
          sti       scindc-*  save io select register
          sel       tmch      select clock channel
          cioc      scoff-*   turn clock off
          sta       scvalu-*,*          store time value
          stq       sciv-*,*  store user's iv
          cioc      scon-*    turn clock on
          ldi       scindc-*  restor io select reg <?><?><?><?><?><?><?><?>
          tra       setclk-*,*          return
rstclk    ind       **
          sti       scindc-*  save io select register
          sel       tmch      select clock channel
          cioc      scoff-*   turn clock off
          ldi       scindc-*  restore io select register <?><?><?><?><?>
          tra       rstclk-*,*          return
scon      oct       0,0
scoff     oct       0,010000
scvalu    ind       itmb      interval timer mailbox address
sciv      ind       tmro      interval timer runout iv address
scindc    bss       1
msg12     aci       17,timer switch set to 64 khz, s/b 1
          rem       *********************************************************
          rem       * setup the interval and elapsed timers
          rem       *********************************************************
          stz       a.m006-*,*          (itmb) interval timer value = 0
          lda       a.m007-*  (timrjt) interval timer jump table
          sta       a.m008-*,*          (tmro) timer interrupt vector
          lda       a.m021-*,*          (etrint) get elapsed timer default value
          sta       a.m009-*,*          (etmb)
          lda       a.m010-*  (etrip) elapsed timer interrupt handler
          sta       a.m011-*,*          (etr) timer interrupt vector
          tsy       a.m015-*,*          (rstclk) turn clock off
          ldaq      sdqdat-*  schedule dummy rtn to kick off timer
          tsy       a.m026-*,*          (dspqur) since clock doesnt start til it is used
          rem                 now run the idle loop for one metering interval
          rem                 to establish a counter value for an idle interval
          lda       a.u017-*  addr (itl215)
          sta       a.u018-*,*          (etr) direct timer interrupt to here
          ila       0         get negative interval size to set timer
          sba       a.u019-*,*          idlint
          sta       a.u009-*,*          etmb
          tra       a.u020-*,*          (idloop) run the idle loop till timer goes off
itl215    ind       **        elapsed timer runout comes here
          ldaq      a.u021-*,*          idlcnt
          staq      a.u022-*,*          (idlmax) this is maximum value
          staq      a.u023-*,*          (idlmin) and also minimum so far
          lda       ignrad-*  now ignore timer interrupts again
          sta       a.u018-*,*          etr
          ila       0         and clear the counter
          ilq       0
          staq      a.u021-*,*          idlcnt
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