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The purpose of this site is to promote the Multics operating system as resurrected by the dps8m SIMH-based simulator.

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11-08-2014: Multics reborn! The dps-8/m SIMH-based simulator booted Multics MR 12.5, came to operator command level, entered admin mode, created a small PL/I program, compiled and executed it, and shut down.

05-08-2015: The Ritter Park RCC Multics installation crashed. BCE was used to generate a dump, and when the system
was rebooted, the >dumps directory was written to a tape [image]. The tape was shipped (emailed) to the SVE Multics system,
where the >dumps directory was restored and analyzed.

11-05-2015: The Ritter Park RCC Multics installation was "[T]aken down after a month of uptime."

12-15-2015: Creation of Multics ALPHA release MR12.6. The first new Multics release in 15+ years. Contains Y2K fixes, etc.

Multics MR12.6: Serenity Valley Engineering (Channel d.h001)
Load = 8.0 out of 90.0 units: users = 8, 01/12/16  2305.4 pst Tue

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Multics MR12.6, load 9.0/90.0; 9 users, 2 interactive, 7 daemons.
Absentee users 0/3

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7-8-2017: Official release of v1.0 of dps8/m simulator

Aug. 27, 2019: Official release of V2.0 of DPS8/M simulator

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