Release 1 0 Bug List

Release 1.0 Bug List

#17: The Timer Register is only accurate to one millisecond.

#31: Bit-wise EIS instructions such as CSL are implemented with write-through caching, causing slow execution.

#44: History registers incompletely implemented.

#46: Tape controller statistics tracking not implemented.

#66: Tape image mounting poorly implemented.

#128: The format of the disk controller extended status format is unknown, causing an error message during Multics shutdown.


  • Long running instructions are not interruptible.
  • The emulator is single threaded; host I/O overhead is affects instruction timing.
  • Emulator lockup is not detected
  • GECOS emulation does not work.
  • ISOLTS CPU test not 100%
  • Several FNP commands are not implemented ('polite mode' and 'discard output' for example).


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