Release 1.0 Telnet and ssh notes

The emulator dialin pool is a telnet port with a default port number of 6180.

To change the port number, add 'fnpserverport n' (where n is the desired port number) to you start-up .ini file.

To enable 'ssh' access to the emulator, I use an ssh wrapper script. I started with the instructions at

I am running Fedora 23 and did the following steps:

1. Edit /etc/shells and add a new line "/bin/telnet_wrapper",
2. Create a user account ('sve' in my case).
3. 'chsh -s /bin/telnet_wrapper sve'
4. Touch file "/bin/telnetl_wrapper", set owner and group to root and access rights octal mode to 0755, then fill with:

telnet 6180
exit 0

5. Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and change the 'PermitEmptyPasswords' line to 'PermitEmptyPasswords yes'
6. Set the sve account to have an empty password.
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